Saturday, December 02, 2006

Interview with Brooke Allen of WCSR AM & FM Hillsdale, MI

How did you get started in radio?

My radio career began when my acting career all went awry.....i do not look like the so cal girls so i barely got sent out on tv auditions..only stage and promo model i decided to go into radio.

What type of education did you get in order to do what you currently do in broadcasting?

I went to the academy of broadcasting in huntington beach, california.

What is your motivation for being in the field of radio?

I have had pretty good luck...i was a weekend news anchor in northern california, and then i got picked up for morning show news anchor in sacramento four months into my new was very exciting, but very difficult at times...i was there for two years...and then took a break due to an illness in my family...i then went into freelance writing...but i still did voice overs, and station liners..and missed being on the air ... i am happy to be back on the air...i enjoy interacting with the listeners.

Could you describe what your job is like?

I believe my job on the air is to entertain, and to be "real"...i am the same person on the air, as i am off air.

What advice would you give someone interested in pursuing a job in radio?

As far as advice...i would encourage those studying broadcasting to learn every aspect of the business...(things change rather quickly in this business...formats change as do personalities overnite...) be prepared.

What do you think of the current state of radio?

As far as todays state of radio...i find most morning shows obnoxious and try to stay away from some of the smut that is on the air...(my opinion only; ofcourse!)

Brooke, Thank you for your time


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