Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Interview with Andy Brown Host of Time Out with Andy Brown on 1340 AM & 92.1 FM WCSR

How did you get started in broadcasting?

I got started in broadcasting in Adrian at WLEN. Doug Spade gave me an opportunity to work Saturday nights. I was doing a country music show and sometimes running the board for high school football.

How long have you been employed in the field of broadcasting?

I have been working in broadcasting for about 18 years.

What type of education did you get in order to do what you currently do in broadcasting?

I learned from the best: Parke Hayes, Mike Flynn, Bob Flynn, Doug Spade, and Jim Eckhardt. These guys all helped me learn how to do this work.

What is your motivation for being in the field of broadcasting?

I have loved radio since listening to JP McCarthy on WJR as a kid. There is still something Romantic about the idea of clicking on that microphone and doing your thing.

Could you describe what your job is like?

I do a sport show, play by play for high school and college sports, and fill in shifts during the summer.

What advice would you give someone interested in pursuing a job in broadcasting?

Make friends in the business. Get to know some of the local people who work in radio and ask if you can job shadow. The more connections you make, the better your chance to get a start.

What do you think of the current state of radio?

Radio is a constantly changing business. I am no expert on the business side, but I do think radio has done a decent job of staying relevant despite all of the new technologies available.

Andy, Thank you for your time